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December 22nd 2022

You guys have probably noticed, I have a soft spot for full size muscle cars, and it’s true, I’d rather be in a 428 Grand Prix before I’d be caught dead in a ram air iv GTO, but thats not the point. When a car has a high displacement V8, two doors, and comes from the 60’s or 70’s, it’s a muscle car, even if it’s a full size or luxury vehicle. Sometimes cars that you wouldn’t expect slip into that definition. That includes @caitlovescars and her T-bird. Big Block. Two door. Hideaways. It’s a muscle car by our definitions…
“My car is a 1967 Thunderbird with the factory 390, 4 barrel carb, and it’s equipped with the Factory AC! I bought it the first week of September, and I haven’t stopped smiling since! I’ve been searching for a classic car to call my own for years, and this one really connected with me.” 
With it being exceptionally clean, there hasn’t been much work to do on it, although she plans to rebuild the front suspension this winter so it’s ready to cruise the streets and enjoy its new life next spring! 
Congrats to @caitlovescars for scoring a classic that is sometimes overlooked in the “muscle car” debates! We’re looking forward to seeing what she has in store for this sweet ride!

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