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May 25, 2025

Day 2 styled, street/strip cars are the foundation of most people’s car fascination. You see a nice build going down the street, before you know it you’re buying aftermarket parts for your car, then you’re buying a car to build, then before you can blink you’re lined up at a Christmas tree, ready to sling 3,000lbs of steel down a quarter mile straight faster than God ever intended.
This 1967 Dodge Dart GT, named “Slimer” is owned by @dart_attack_67 , and it’s here to prove that small blocks can be more than competitive, all while still being street friendly. He built and sold over it 20 years when he got married, and I doubt he knew he’d be it’s proud owner once again!
With a small block 340 sporting 10.5/1 compression, a Victor intake, Brawler 750 race carb, hooker super comp headers, Edelbrock performer rpm heads, and vintage Crower solid flat tappet cam, this is not your grandmother’s slant six grocery getter! An A833, 4 speed handles all that power, while a heavy duty, Dana 60 rear-end with 4.56 gears and Mark Williams Axles, puts it all to the ground!
The car doesn’t see much abuse anymore, but 25 years ago it ran 11.80’s in the quarter mile with cast iron heads! Now it sports aluminum heads, but who can afford to break anything these days!
“It's not good on gas but it's a blast to drive” - @dart_attack_67 


May 25, 2025

Article Written by: @caitlovescars 
“He’s not your average car enthusiast. A veteran, an athlete, and a businessman, @moparmy is no stranger to a challenge. And challenges are exactly what he seeks—a restoration done right, every time. His collection is growing.”
“His ‘70 Charger R/T is a familiar fixture at LA-based events. The F8 green smolders in stunning relief against the backdrop of his beach city. He and his son are drivers. His son regularly pilots their ‘70 Roadrunner. The pair can be seen cruising the coast any time the weather is right. But that’s not all, @moparmy has another car in the works.”
“A ‘70 Coronet awaits body work and paint. A4 silver metallic and a unique wheel & tire combo are in the very near future. A 10” rim and a 295 tire will be fitted to his ride, which will make it an unusual and unforgettable sight in LA county.”
“Not only a valuable repository of information for all things Mopar, @moparmy is an avid music fan. Janis Joplin is one of his favorite artists. He regularly travels to see his favorite acts.”
“He is also a gifted wind surfer. When you look out to the west, look for our good friend, @moparmy  because, when he’s not riding waves, he’s cruising in the best way possible—in the classics dreams are made from. A great trustee of the hobby and an even better person, watch out for @moparmy and his fleet of phenomenal rides.”


December 27th 2022

Not everyone gets to own their dream car, but for those who do get the opportunity, they know it’s a feeling that is unmatched! @toms_cuda knows that feeling all to well, being the owner and driver of not only his dream car but one of the most desirable muscle cars on the planet, a 1970 Plymouth Cuda’!
“I’ve been a huge fan of mid 60’s to early 70’s American muscle cars for as long as I can remember, I love all the makes and models but it’s the MOPAR cars that stood out for me, especially the e-bodies. I really like the Challengers but I always thought the Plymouths had the edge on them.”
“I’ve wanted this car since I was a kid, I had a picture of a Limelight ‘70 Cuda’ on my bedroom wall. We don’t really come across them here in the UK so was pretty lucky to get my hands on this one!”
“It’s a mild built 383 with Holley Street Demon carb on a Street Dominator intake, hydraulic roller cam, MSD ignition, Dougs long tube headers into a 3” Flowmaster system. The box is a 727 Torqueflite throughly to a 8 and 3/4 rear end.”
“I’m also a lover of the old Street Machines and Street Freaks from back in the day. I’ve incorporated a bit of this look into my own car with Superstock Springs with 2” lift and 15 x 10” rear wheels. They’re American Racing Torq Thrust 2 wrapped in white letter BF Goodrich tyres- my favourite combo on one of these cars!”

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